Oasis Waterpark

Oasis Waterpark explores architectural memory through comics.

An illustrated journey through time and space, Oasis Waterpark tells of shared memories housed within one public playground. Each moment – joyful, familiar, comforting, playful, or poignant – is framed in a multi-panel comic, charting a narrative that contains the past, present, and future in the same place. This illustration pays homage to Frank King's multi-panel comics of the 1930s, exploring the notion of place, imbued with meaning and memory, through the stories it contains: the structures in which we lose and find ourselves.

Oasis Waterpark was awarded Second Prize at the #sketchourplayground challenge, organized by Playpoint Asia.

Oasis Waterpark is an actual public playground at Nee Soon East, Singapore, designed by Playpoint Asia. Find out more about it here.


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