A little game that celebrates the joy of words.

A collaboration with Darius Foo, Logophile is an Android word game that means a lot to both of us. As the designer, I made all the art assets, screen layouts, and tutorial images. My first experience with game design, Logophile was a short, fun personal project that taught me a lot about all aspects of game design: producing art assets, UI design, tutorial design, logo design, logical file-naming conventions(!) and collaborating with programmers.

Logophile is available for free on the Google Play Store.

Design Goal

Logophile aims to give the player the satisfaction of finding as many long words as possible, instead of being artificially limited by the fixed grid of letters one is dealt. Remember the frustration of being just one letter short of forming a 16-letter word? No more of that!


Its gameplay is hence a mix between Words with Friends and Candy Crush. Players swipe across letters to form words, and can also swap letters around to create words. Additionally, players can switch and match colored tiles to form a wildcard. This wildcard can then substitute any letter in a word, allowing one to find more words and form longer ones.

A time limit of 2 minutes has been imposed, so that swapping tiles has a cost.

High Fidelity Mockups

I made these mockups for the home screen, main game screen UI and layout, as well as high score pages. Rounded corners and slightly irregularly-shaped tiles give the game a playful, approachable feel.


Designed to teach players how to play the game, these images cover the basic actions one can take: swipe along tiles to form words, swipe across two tiles to swap their places, and match three similarly-coloured tiles to form wildcards.

In-game Screenshots

Logophile was made way back in the summer of 2014, and while it’s still available (and playable!), we’ve discussed a future redesign, both in terms of gameplay and visual design. The gameplay could be more streamlined, focusing on a core game mechanic. Visually, I’d do many things differently now: the tutorials could be much clearer, the game could use a cleaner and more unified design language, and more visual feedback on taps, swipes, and swaps could be provided. Still, Logophile is a game we love.

Try it yourself: Download Logophile for free on the Google Play Store.


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