A knowledge base for architects.

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SketchUp for Architecture was born from a desire to share knowledge.

It was started over a weekend while I was working full-time at an architectural office. With varying levels of experience within the firm, there was a great opportunity to share and establish best practices, streamline modelling processes, and essentially improve internal workflow for the team.

Architects do a lot.

From research, site analysis, deconstructing any brief, and sketching, to drafting, multiple 3D modelling programs, multiple render engines, not to mention BIM, the entire Adobe CC suite, Office suite, designing and delivering presentations, managing project timelines, managing clients, and then taking a step back to potentially rethink everything about the design, there isn’t much time to document internal processes.

There’s a lot of technical knowledge that’s required, learnt, and then forgotten.

❤ I hope this helps a little.

Please drop me a message if you’re interested in contributing!