Satellite Town

A future of ecological living beyond the limits of the Earth


Charisse graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) from Cornell University, where she was awarded the Charles Goodwin Sands Memorial Medal for excellence in her undergraduate thesis. She started her career as a 3D/CGI artist at DBOX NYC and is now based in Singapore.

Most recently, she was awarded the 2018-2019 Eidlitz Travel Fellowship for The Art of Memory, a collaboration with Yichen Jia. Her project, The Monument to the Labors, was awarded first place in the inaugural Outer Space (2019) competition.

Charisse is fascinated by the creation of literary and visual worlds, and the potential of fiction to examine the ethical and the critical realities of architecture. Her recent work explores the role of time in undermining notions of architectural permanence. She was once described as a poetic pragmatist, an expression she cherishes to this day.


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